Dear Authors and Supporters of ICEMS2020

With a close cooperation among the China Electrotechnical Society (CES), the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers (KIEE), the IEEE-Industry Applications Society (IEEE-IAS), and the IEEJ Industry Applications Society (IEEJ-IAS), we have been making great efforts to hold the 23rd International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS2020-Hamamatsu), from November 24 to 27, 2020, at ACT CITY Congress Center, Hamamatsu, Japan. As a matter of fact, more than 600 one-page-digests have been submitted so far, which reveals remarkable attentions and expectations to the conference. However, we had to change our management of the conference to “web remote style” due to COVID-19 as everyone knows. It goes without saying that making this momentous and anguished decision was quite difficult and that the change is unfortunate for not only the host but also the participants from all over the world.
Here once again, we proudly make an announcement of ICEMS2020 Web Remote Conference. Although many of the social events have unfortunately been cancelled, we are now making preparation for the conference so that up to approximately 500 presentations can be made on the web video conferencing system including oral presentations and poster presentations. In addition, an opening ceremony, a paper prize award ceremony, and a closing ceremony are still held with the web video conferencing platform, expecting approximately 1,000 attendees.
Even though the conference style is changed to the web video conference, ICEMS2020 Web Remote Conference still has a technical co-sponsorship with the IEEE-IAS; hence, all papers presented at ICEMS2020 Web Remote Conference will be posted on the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. In addition, all of the papers are also eligible for paper review for possible publication in the IEEE Transactions or Magazine on Industry Applications as well as the IEEJ Journal on Industry Applications.
We hope that we will have fruitful achievement in the conference and that ICEMS2020 Web Remote Conference can indicate the direction of next generation standards for future international conferences. We are really looking forward to welcoming every one of you to ICEMS2020 Web Remote Conference and to seeing you in person on the web. Thank you for your understanding and for your significant contribution to ICEMS2020 Web Remote Conference.

Yours sincerely,
Katsumi Yamazaki (ICEMS2020 Organizing Committee Chair)
Hiroyuki Ohsaki (ICEMS2020 International Steering Committee Chair)
Toshihiko Noguchi (ICEMS2020 General Chair)
Shu Yamamoto (ICEMS2020 Technical Committee Chair)
Conference Chair and
Steering Committee Chair
Prof. Toshihiko Noguchi
(ICEMS2020 General Chair)
Organizing Committee
Prof. Katsumi Yamazaki
(ICEMS2020 Organizing Committee Chair)
International Steering
Committee Chair
Prof. Hiroyuki Ohsaki
(ICEMS2020 International Steering Committee Chair)
Technical Program
Committee Chair
Prof. Shu Yamamoto
(ICEMS2020 Technical Committee Chair)
・ Permanent Magnet Motors and Drives
・ Permanent Magnet Generator Systems
・ Induction Machines and Drives
・ AC/DC Machines and Drives
・ Synchronous Machines and Drives
・ Reluctance Machines and Drives
・ Linear Drives and Magnetic Levitations
・ Special Machines and Actuators
・ Electric/Hybrid Vehicles and Drives
・ Transformers and Power Apparatus
・ Magnetics and Field Analysis
・ Magnetic and Insulation Materials
・ Noise, Vibration, EMI and EMC
・ Manufacturing, Testing and Standards
・ Power Converters
・ Motion Control and Servo Systems
・ Sensorless Control
・ Renewable Energy Systems
・ Automotive Power Electronics
・ Batteries Modeling and Management,
 and Energy Storage Systems
・ Transportation and Other Applications
・ Reliability and Diagnostics
・ Machine System Modeling
・ Energy Efficiency Systems
・ Cooling Technologies
・ Electrical Engineering Education
・ Other Related Topics